Shanghai 2012

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ISSS 28th Annual General Meeting and Technical Meeting
S00 Programme
08 January 2013
S01 Round Robin
09 January 2013
Dennis Frank, ISP
PDF DocumentS01 Round Robin (1351Kb)
S02 Sustainability in Sports Surface Technology
08 January 2013
Gert-Jan Kieft, ISA-Sport
S04 Advanced Artificial Athlete (text)
08 January 2013
Hans J Kolitzus, IST
S05 Experience with the Clegg Hammer
08 January 2013
Keith McAuliffe, New Zealand Sports Turf Institute
S06 Sports Hall Surfaces and EU Construction Products
09 January 2013
Juergen Wilder, Conica-BASF
S07 CEN TC 217 Progress of Negotiations
08 January 2013
Rainer Wellhäeusser, MPA Stuttgart
S08 Requirements for High Performance and Safety Standards
08 January 2013
Wenhai Zhao, ChengHe Group Managing Director
S10 Artificial Turf Industry in China
08 January 2013

XioaBing Yang, Leling Taishan Artificial Turf Industry

S11 The Demand of Sports Surface
08 January 2013
Michael Jordan, Merry Sport
S12 Study on functional artificial turf fiber
08 January 2013
Yi Hongling, Taishan Sport Material R&D Center
S13 How to meet sustainability requirements with synthetic
08 January 2013
Dr Chen Chen, Guangzhou Tongxin Sports Equipment
S14 Status of Sports Surfaces in China
08 January 2013

Jianding Chen, ECUST

S15 Certificate of Appreciation
08 January 2013
S16 Research Progress and Application of Sports Materials
08 January 2013
Baicun Zheng, East China University of Sciernce and Technology
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