Paris 2010 - Technical Conference

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The ISSS holds a Technical Meeting every other year.  Starting with the Paris ISSS Technical Meeting in Paris in October 2010, the ISSS encouraged discussion amongst participants through holding seminar-style work sessions rather than conference-style presentations.

The programme of the 2010 Paris conference may be downloaded here.

The working papers of the individual sessions are available for download below.

Hans J. Kolitzus
Conference Management

A01 ISSS Round Robin
21 November 2010

Interpretation of General Results

Conclusions for future testing (acceptable tolerances)

Application of r- and R-values

Continuation of Program

A02 ISO 17025 vers. ISO 17020
22 December 2010
A03 Failures Track Surfaces
14 April 2011
A03 Final Specification of AAA
01 December 2010
A04 Progress EN TC 217 - Sport Surfaces
21 November 2010
Standards under revision and new work items.
A07 Artificial Turf
21 November 2010
Yarn and Infill - Components make systems
ISSS - International Association for Sports Surface Sciences
8264 Eschenz / Switzerland, Baelisteigstr. 2