Rome 2008

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R01 Swiss Study on Environmental Effects of Sports
11 December 2008
Dr. Ralf Bergs
R02 Effect of Pigments and Additives on Longevity
of Turf Fibres
11 December 2008

Daniel Müller, CIBA AG

Modified presentation will be replaced at the end of the year

R03 LND Regulations
11 December 2008
R04 Proficiency Testing
11 December 2008
Walter Müller, OFI
R05 CEN TC 217 Working Group "Environment"
12 December 2008
Peter van Reijen
R06 Lisport Wear versus Site Wear
14 December 2008

Eric O'Donnel and Colin Young

R07 Biomechanical Studies
14 December 2008

Prof. Testa

R08 Study on UV Ageing of Artificial Turf
30 March 2009

Dominique Boisnard, Labosport

R09 Quality Monitoring of 50 Artificial Turf Football
01 April 2009
Frank Meuleman M.Sc.
ISSS - International Association for Sports Surface Sciences
8264 Eschenz / Switzerland, Baelisteigstr. 2