Dresden 2006 - Impact of Sports Surfaces on Environment and Health

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D01 Study of Incidence of Recycled Rubber from Tyres
in Environment and Human Health
Paper provided by the Institute of Biomechanics IBV,
Valencia, Spain
D02 An Assessment of Health RisksPresentation by Dr. Christine Björge, Norway
National Institute of Public Health
D03 An Assessment of Health RisksStudy of the National Institute of Public Health, Norway
D04 Environmental Risk Assessment of Artificial Turf
Study of the Norwegian Institute for Water Research, 2005
D05 Potential Health and Environmental Effects Linked
to Artificial Turf Systems
Study of the Norwegian Building Research Institute NBI 2004
D06 Measurement of Air Pollution in Indoor Artificial
Turf Halls
Study of the Norwegian Institute for Air Research, 2006
D07 Environmental and Health Study - SBR Rubber GranulesNicole Salzmann, ISA, The Netherlands
D08 Italian Study ProgrammeProf. Roberto Verna,
President Committee Artificial Turf, Italian Ministry of Health
D09 Rubber - its Implications to Environment and HealthDr. Bryan Willoughby, Rubber Consultant, UK
D10 Environmental Compatibility Concept of DIN 18035-7Dr. Lutz Zabel, Fresenius Institute, Germany
D11 Study Programme of Environmental Effects of Sports
Surfaces in Switzerland
Hans J. Kolitzus, IST, Switzerland
D12 Environmental Compatibility Concept of OISSAustrian Institute of School and Sports Facilities
Walter Müller, OFI, Austria
ISSS - International Association for Sports Surface Sciences
8264 Eschenz / Switzerland, Baelisteigstr. 2
email: info@isss-sportsurfacescience.org