Calgary 2003 - 3rd Symposium on Sport Surfaces

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3rd Symposium on Sports Surfaces at the University of Calgary August 2003

Papers published with friendly permission of Prof. Dr. Benno Nigg, University of Calgary complete documentation of the presentations printed as Nigg - Cole - Stefanyshyn, Sport Surfaces, Calgary, August 2003, University of Calgary, Faculty of Kinesiology, Human Performance Laboratory

C01 Energy and Performance Aspects in Sport Surfaces
01 August 2003
Darren J Stefanyshyn and Benno M. Nigg
C02 Sports Surfaces and the Risk of Traumatic Brain
Martyn R. Shorten and Jennifer A Himmelsbach
C03 Playground Surfacing and Playground InjuriesJennifer A. Himmelsbach and Martyn R. Shorten
C04 Test Methods for Assessing the Performance of
Sports Surfaces
Alastair L Cox
C05 Criteria for the Development of Guidelines/Standards
in Sports Surfaces
Hans J Kolitzus
ISSS - International Association for Sports Surface Sciences
8264 Eschenz / Switzerland, Baelisteigstr. 2