Artificial Turf

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See also presentations at STADIA Turf Summit 2003, Amsterdam. Select from menu to the left.

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Artificial Turf Surfaces for Soccer
21 June 2007

Hans J. Kolitzus  NEW June 2007

What Owners of Soccer Pitches should know about Artificial Turf

Testing Comparison DIN EN FIFA
18 June 2007

IST Consulting GmbH - NEW June 2007

Details of Linear Friction Test
01 May 2007

Hans J. Kolitzus  NEW May 2007

EN 14 837 Determination of Slip Resistance

Determination of Ball Pace with Tennis Balls
11 January 2007

John Dunlop NEW January 2007

Presentation at the ITF Conference at Surbiton, 2000
Model Test Procedure for Football Pace Testing (Angle Ball Behaviour)

Influence of Stud Material and Applied Weight on Rotational
01 April 2005
Frédéric Vachon. NEW information April 2005.
Football Boot Sole Configuration and their Influence
upon Surface Adhesion
01 April 2005
Frédéric Vachon. NEW information April 2005
Research Project Turf Standards
11 March 2003
IBV 2003
How to Calculate Ball Roll Distance from Timing Gate
01 January 2003
H.J. Kolitzus
ISSS - International Association for Sports Surface Sciences
8264 Eschenz / Switzerland, Baelisteigstr. 2