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Continuation of ISSS RR 2010

The first round of ISSS RoundRobin activities has been completed successfully. Now, we are looking ahead for the next round to be started in October of this year. These are the tests which will be offered:

AT = Artificial Turf; SS = Synthetic Surface; SH = Sportshall Surface;

1Linear Slip Resistance
(replacement of procedure specified in EN 14837 by FIFA test)
AT Only
2Rotational Slip Resistance prEN 14903SS, AT, SH
3Rotational Resistance EN 15301 Methode 1AT only
4Pendulum Test EN 13036-4SS, SH
5Advanced Artificial Athlete AAA acc. FIFASS, SH, AT
6Skin Friction acc. FIFAAT
7Resistance to Indentation acc. EN 1516SS, SH
8Sieve AnalysisSand, Elastomer Granules fine + coarse
9Bulk DensitySand, Elastomer Granules fine + coarse
10Mass of Pile Layer total + above Fabric ISO 8543AT
11Abrasion Taber  EN 13672AT
12Abrasion Taber  ISO 5470-1SS, SH
13DSC Analysis  ISO 11357Fibres AT
14Content of Extractables  ISO 6427Elastomer Granules
15Ash Content  ISO 3451-1Elastomer Granules
16Force ReductionNB for those who did not participate in the 1st RR round
17Vertical DeformationNB for those who did not participate in the 1st RR round
18Ball ReboundNB for those who did not participate in the 1st RR round

Please mark the tests you would be interested in to participate: X for next RR in October 2010; XX for any following RR.

Please return your answer until end of July  to ISSS@bluewin.ch

Also, please indicate whether you still have the samples of the 1st RR round. This might facilitate the preparation of the RR.

As soon as the amount of interest can be seen the appropriate preparation of the 2nd RR round will be started.

June 2010 


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